Premiere : Friday 18. August


Grandpa More Dangerous Than Computer

Rating: U
Category: Family
Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes

Movie is in Latvian with Russian subtitles.

OSKARS’ (8) parents “exchange” his computer for his Grandpa – to protect the child from the dangers of the Internet. The boy’s visit with his Grandpa starts off hopelessly – old KODE (65) makes him do man-jobs and won’t buy him the high-top sneakers that he desires. Who needs a Grandpa like that? Then the townsfolk hear that old Kode, the activist freedom-fighter, has “passed away”…Grandma IRMA KODE (65) takes on the role of mediator between the two men. A schoolteacher, she was laid off because the supply of schoolchildren in the town had supposedly “ended”, and the town’s deputy, her former student, MODRITIS (33), promptly sold the school building. In order to fully realize his scheme, Modritis offers Irma a tantalizing job. And so begins Oskars’ string of adventures, from teaching Grandma to rap, to death threats in the hospital, and the dousing of a ram skin with his friend OLGA’s (6) French perfume. Grandpa and Oskars’ joint effort against Grandma’s wrongdoer makes them forget their differences. The guilty party receives their self-devised form of punishment, but then the authorities appear, accusing Kode of disrespect towards the deceitful public servant. Oskars is ready to save his Grandpa…
Oskars’ vacation at his Grandpa’s ends unexpectedly – it turns out that a life without lies can bring lots of joy!